Equus Asinus

Diet: Herbivores grazer

Lifespan: 10-15 years, 30+ in captivity

Range/Habitat: Easter Africa plains grass land migratory

Conservation Status: LC least concerned

Grant zebra is the smallest subspecies of the plains zebra. Zebras live in close knit groups called harems led by a single dominant stallion. Zebra stallions have a “barking” call unlike the neighing of the domestic horse. The strong black and white pattern, unique as a finger print, makes it difficult for a predator to single out a specific animal in a harem. The white stripes also reflect about 70% of the heat away from the animal on a hot day.  Black or White? The zebra is actually a black animal with white stripes. A single baby is born each year and is brown and white at birth. Zebras can interbreed with horse and donkeys producing a sterile offspring called a zorse or zonkey.