The Natural Bridge Zoo is the perfect destination for your schools next field trip, offering both a fun atmosphere and educational animal lessons. Natural Bridge Zoo also has discounted group rates that make a day-long trip worthwhile, with unique hands-on learning activities for children of all ages.



*For every Fifteen (15) Paying Students One (1) Teacher will get in for FREE*





Learning comes easy when children’s imaginations are sparked by their visit to the zoo. All of our programs content meets teachers specific needs and is allied with Virginia S.O.L. (Standard of Learning) for grades K-12. Enjoy all the wonderful animal exhibits and attractions that the zoo has to offer.

African Elephant Rides

Teachers- Add an African Elephant ride to your students visit, they will love it! Fun and Exciting! An experience they will never forget!

With the rapid decline in elephants due to poaching for ivory and habitat destruction, now is the time to help save the elephants for future generations to enjoy. By actual contact with the living species at a zoological park students are in a better position to appreciate these magnificent animals.

Parakeet Feeding

Children will enjoy the close up interaction in our new parakeet aviary.

$1.00 Per Feeding Stick

Children love learning when it comes to animals and the park features hundreds of different animal species, including tigers, giraffes, elephant, porcupines, zebras, cougars, spider-monkeys, alligators, flamingos, cassowary, ring-tailed lemurs & ruffed lemurs, capuchin monkeys, asiatic black bears, mandrills, antelope and much, much more!

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