Natural Bridge Zoo, the largest, most complete collection of exotic animals in the state of Virginia, will re-open after a winter break, Mid-March 2021.

Weather Permitting for the Month of March

Enjoy Hand Feeding Interactions with animals such as giraffe, camel, goat, llama, deer and much more!

Parakeet Landing is a unique and interactive experience where you will be surrounded by cute and colorful parakeets. It is a walk through aviary and the birds may land or fly around you.

African Elephant rides begin March 31st and are currently held on weekends only (Saturdays & Sundays) 12-3. Visit our African Elephant Rides page for more information.

Close Encounter Animal Adventures are scheduled tours that present and opportunity to meet animals in a ways that is beyond the general admission level. Please visit our Close Encounter Tour page for more information.