Lemur catta

Diet: Omnivore; fruit, leaves, insects, small birds and lizards

Lifespan: 19 years in the wild, 27+ in captivity

Habitat/Range: South Madagascar deciduous forests preferably along rivers 

Conservation Status: NT near threatened

The Ring-tailed Lemur is active during the daylight hours, living in highly social groups of up to 30 individuals. These lemurs love to sun bathe and can often be seen sitting “yoga style” facing the sun. Both sexes mark their territory with scent glands but males engage in stink fights by impregnating the tail with scent and flicking it at opponents. This lemur has a specialized rear claw and lower incisors which are used exclusively for grooming it;s fur. The ring-tail is able to thrive in temperatures as cold as 19 degrees fahrenheit by wrapping it;s tail around it’s body and cuddling with other group members in what is known as a lemur ball. Diminishing habitat is the lemur’s biggest threat to survival.